Watch How That Giant LED Selfie Head In Columbus, OH Came Together

Here’s a really good explainer video about the giant selfie head that switched on as an interactive art piece a few weeks ago at the newly-renovated Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio.

Design Communications Ltd., a fabricator of architectural specialties and custom experiential design elements, worked with artist Matthew Mohr to develop, engineer and fabricate the 14 foot tall, 7,000 pound interactive digital sculpture now parked in the convention center lobby.

The head’s curvature was made possible by using piano key-like LED module blocks, much skinnier than typical LED modules. The LED head electronics were manufactured by SNA Displays.


Watch A Video Of The Digitally-Loaded Sephora Flagship In Barcelona

Here’s a full video of the Sephora flagship that opened this summer in Barcelona. The entryway leading in to the escalator (or tube slide, if you feel like it) is all digital, and you can see some serious investment in creative.

Very impressive.

Highway Billboard Color-Matches Paint Swatches To Surrounding Sky’s Color

This a couple of years old, but just stumbled on it. The Quebec DIY store Reno Depot did a Digital OOH campaign in Feb. 2015 in Quebec that used a sensor to match conditions and color to house-brand paint swatches available at the store.

Very clever.

Watch This Spectacular Custom Creative For A Korean Department Store Group

South Korean retail giant Shinsegae Corporation engaged Montreal’s Moment Factory to create custom creative for the 6-storey LED centrepiece of a new shopping and entertainment complex in Daegu, south of Seoul.

Hired only weeks before the public opening, says the experiential agency, Moment Factory applied our broad experience in entertainment to rapidly activate the teams required to design and produce four distinct, awe-inspiring content pieces: Identity tricks the eye with 3D trompe-l’oeil architectural transformations, Luxury Box transports visitors deep into imaginary crystallizations of precious materials, Static Beauty livens up the mood with the story of fashion accessory paradise, while Rooms is an engaging, romantic comedy music video.

The same content is being used at another new mall north of Seoul, which has a similar LED tower.

See This Suburban Seoul Mall’s Vast Investment In Indoor LED And Content

This is a new shopping mall in South Korea, in the suburbs of megacity Seoul.

There is a massive digital display experience in the centre court area that includes a very tall LED monolith and curvy LED ribbons lining the mezzanine overlook.

I can’t find much about the digital piece that’s in English, other than the content coming from Montreal’s Moment Factory. I THINK that content is re-purposed or shared or part of a master content plan by  Shinsegae Property, which owns the mall, a huge department store chain and a bunch of other things. On Linkedin, the suggestion is the LED tech is from Absen.

The displays also run paid media.

The other impressive thing in here is an electronics store that has a vast fine pitch LED facade. In the video that starts at about 5:12.

The Starfield Goyang in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, spans 365,000 square meters and has a built-in theme park. It was built in partnership with the U.S. property developer Taubman.