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Polly Cove
Polly Cove, NS

I am in Canada, and at various airports here and there.

When I am not traveling I am working out of my home office about 10 minutes south of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was in Burlington, Ontario for many years, but we relocated in mid-2018.

For the geographically-challenged, Halifax is on the way east coast of the country, a jog east and north from Maine. It is another hour ahead of NYC/East Coast time, so when it is 3 PM Eastern it is 4 PM for me. I traded being 150 yards or so from Lake Ontario to being a short drive from the rugged, beautiful Atlantic coastline.

Halifax has a terrific mid-sized airport that can get me in one flight to hub cities like Toronto, Montreal, New York, Boston and London (Heathrow), so I am anything but isolated. I also have better, more reliable Internet here on a country acreage in Nova Scotia than I did in suburban Toronto.

The best way to get me, by far, is e-mail. I am pretty terrible at responding to voice mails.

I Skype. I Tweet. I have a bazillion Linkedin contacts. I look at Facebook once a year, when I get birthday messages.

  • Office phone is still 905 592 1612
  • Mobile: Starts with 902. You’ll have to work on me for the rest of it.
  • Skype: dhaynes
  • Email: dave at
  • Twitter: sixteennine
  • Linkedin:
  • Facebook: Nope

One note: Please don’t send me a friendly note asking if we could get together for a coffee, as you’d like to “pick my brain.” I am a full-time consultant, and my time has to be worth more than a $3 coffee at Tim Horton’s. I’m also now in Nova Scotia, which is pretty much a black hole for this industry, so there’s that, too.

I love helping people out, and am always happy to meet, but dispensing free advice is a crappy business model and I am trying and failing to semi-retire … but some day …

Sorry to be blunt, but I have to put a number to my time.