Speaking at InfoComm China

Talking to InfoComm China crowd, April 2017

I do a fair amount of speaking at conferences focused on digital signage and pro AV, and through the pandemic a PILE of online roundtables and presentations.

I’d stop way short of saying I’m a natural-born audience killer, but I tend to know my subject matter well and I try to make the proceedings interesting and relevant. Where other people will blabber on with subjects like “Five Key Considerations For Deployment” I do talks with titles like “Your Baby’s Ugly.”

Yeah, I did that.

In the last few years I have done talks in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Calgary, Montreal, Miami, Denver, Orlando and waaaaaay over in Taiwan, Seoul and Beijing, and the other direction, in Dubai. Conference planners seem to appreciate that I don’t really have any pots and pans to sell when I get a mike in my hands, and that I just tell it like it is. I tend to talk about what’s going on and what’s coming, and about strategy.

If you want to pull me in to speak at your event, or to referee a panel or full-day, send me a note. Because of my happy new circumstance (Sixteen:Nine was acquired), I may be a wee bit constrained in who I can work with on speaking gigs, but it never hurts to ask.