Your Baby’s Ugly

Here’s an audio-backed version of the presentation I did at the October 2013 DailyDOOH Digital Signage Investor Conference in NYC. It’s about 25 minutes but moves along nicely. Enjoy (I hope).

9 thoughts on “Your Baby’s Ugly”

  1. ROFL the pharmacy screen not only tried to shove five pounds of cookies into a three pound bag the spelling was totally FUBAR.

    Digital Signage is -NOT- a web page in a browser.

    There is nothing more damaging to one’s brand or the perception of what a business offers than to be represented by an illiterate who cannot spell kurectly.

  2. Yes great presentation, I have never wanted to integrate multiple zones and have only ever done it for one client in a corporate environment to display KPI data on the right while their regular employee communication goes on on the left. I cater more to the mini casino, small chain stores and single retail business markets so multiple zones just add another huge layer of complexity for the end user to deal with. People do know what time it is and what temperature it is.. It also muddles the message you are trying to get across.

    News content is terrible, I integrated rss feeds years ago then walked into one of my mini casino clients and looked up at the screen to see it talking about a triple homicide hehe.. It can not be a good idea to scroll messages about all the bad things going on in the world while you are trying to get patrons to stick around a bit longer for the mega cash draw or to go for a cocktail instead of a beer.

    Sports news works in my applications, a full screen of big text with a single random sports headline, I have seen people sit at a bar and look up at this news every few minutes when it comes past in the rotation then talk about it with their drinking budies.

  3. Great job Mr. Haynes. I especially enjoyed the last 2 minutes regarding weather. I personally have 2 Apps on my phone and do not need it on every sign in every storefront.

  4. Dave, only you could provide such an informative presentation full of great info, ideas and humor. BTW is the ugly baby on the first screen slide who I think it is?

  5. Hi David,
    Excellent presentation. We part company on a couple of points, but anyone contemplating the launch of any sort of DS should be required to pay attention to this highly useful piece. Their lives would be better and their ROI will be much greater! Best 26 minutes they can spend.

    • Thanks Bil :-]

      Yes, Capital excels at multi-zoned screens and fabulous news tickers and weather graphics. They do have a place, but need to be end-product of careful thinking as opposed to the default design – which is my main concern.

  6. Brilliant presentation, Dave. Concentrated awesomeness!

    I suggest further reading for those that are looking for best practices regarding content, screen placement, operational excellence and more to download the whitepaper entitled “Everybody’s DOOHing it” from

    It is very philosophically aligned with your presentation.

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