Oslo’s Main Rail Station Adds 31 Sq. Meter Curved LED

I like the curve on this new JCDecaux indoor LED at Oslo’s central train station. It is 31 square meters of LED, and you can see there are nearby screens that sync the same content.

The specs page for the install – which is in front of about 1 million commuters and travellers weekly – says there are enough pixels to kinda sorta make this 4K, at 4,320px by 1,104px. The board uses a 2.6mm pitch and the content is driven by ProntoTV.

It’s Decaux, however, and it is a reasonable assumption that the media company did not put this in to run experiential motion graphics and HD scenic videos. The Decaux listing shows an Audi ad.

Shanghai Mall Marketed With Multi-Sensory Digital Campaign In City’s Subway System

This a multi-sensory pop-up media campaign in the Shanghai subway system, marketing a shopping mall called The MIXC.

Put together by JCDecaux, the set-up is a house-like display that blends back-lit graphics with windows that look into flat panel displays, and scent marketing tech.

Says Decaux:

Through the first window, people could see a screen displaying the vision of ocean, hear the sound of sea wave and smell the air with salty taste of sea water. Through the second window, people could see a sea of tulip and smell a fragrance of tulip. Through the third one, people could see the woods, smell the grass and hear the birds. This brand new experience allowed passengers to escape from the daily routine of their city life.