DOOH Media Giant JCDecaux’s Country Units Marketing JCDecaux 3D.

August 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Country and region units of the global out of home media owner JCDecaux seem to now be marketing what’s branded as JCDecaux 3D – displays in deployed networks that can support forced perspective visual illusions.

That “support” is not in the hardware (some LED manufacturers try to sell products that can “naked eye 3D”), but in the shape, size and location of displays.

The Australian wing of JCDecaux has, for example, “launched 3D ‘forced perspective’ Out-of-Home is now ready to book on over 50 sites at Sydney Airport, giving brands the opportunity to maximise engagement and create an immersive experience for audiences. A big thanks to Fidelity International and Ptarmigan Media for partnering with us for this exciting launch.”

A little searching reveals JCDecaux units in the Middle East and South Africa have also started marketing JCDecaux 3D.

While a lot of the attention-grabbing forced perspective used corner displays that are effective for illusions that suggest depth, you can see the campaign running on these airport displays has creative designed to trick the eye even on a flat surface with a single angle.

The UK firm Ocean Outdoor has been packaging up sites and in-house creative for what it calls DeepScreen.

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