DSE 2023 Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Spectrio Seamlessly Merging Digital Signage Software, Analytics And Compelling Content

December 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The annual Sixteen:Nine networking mixer at DSE is back, set for this coming Sunday night in Las Vegas.

It’s sold out, as usual, with 400 registered and about 350 or so Digital Signage Experience attendees showing up for drinks, nibblies and lots of conversations and introductions.

The event happens because of the terrific support of sponsors who help cover the costs of the venue, drinks, food buffet, AV and on and on – and one of the ways to recognize that help is by profiling each of the sponsors ahead of the event.

We’ve already covered off:

And now, my friends at Spectrio, the Tampa-based CMS software and solutions firm that is one of the largest and most active in digital signage, working across multiple vertical markets. It is also the publisher of  Sixteen:Nine, having acquired it just over two years ago.

Spectrio will have one of the largest stands at DSE and a big team on hand to meet with partners and customers, marketing and talking about a product suite

Can you give readers the rundown on what your company does and your role in the digital signage ecosystem?  What will your presence be this year in Las Vegas?

Spectrio is revolutionizing customer engagement by seamlessly merging together digital signage, analytics, and compelling content. Our goal is to make accessible, data-driven engagement effortless, enabling businesses to succeed in captivating their audience and driving impactful communication strategies. inReality, recently acquired by Spectrio, provides a cloud based Analytics platform. 

It leverages a variety of sensor types, including computer vision and an innovative new radar sensor, to detect and report shopper or viewer behavior.  It captures these attributes in real time, on the edge, enabling ongoing improvements as well as real-time changes to help create a more personalized viewer experience.

Are you exhibiting or there to meet partners and customers on the floor and during supporting events like the Mixer? 

We have a very exciting breadth of use cases being demoed in the Spectrio booth this year.  The demos include the use of RFID, Radar, and Computer Vision technology – everyone should come by booth #449!

What draws you to Digital Signage Experience?

It is a great opportunity to let Spectrio customers and channel partners get hands-on with our newest technology offering.

What key trends are you seeing in the marketplace? 

With the growing availability of data, there has been a growing trend to move from gut-feel to a more data-driven decision making on all aspects of business. Digital signage performance is another application where the continuing simplification of generating and assessing performance data will be increasing its adoption.

What’s something you’d like the signage community to know about your company and people?

We’re redefining customer engagement by combining the power of digital signage, analytics, and compelling content. Our approach empowers businesses with actionable insights from signage analytics, ensuring their content resonates effectively. We enable the community to understand their audience better through integrating analytics into our digital signage. Through the synergy of digital signage, analytics, and content, we’re paving the way for accessible and effective communication strategies that drive success.

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