SageNet – InfoComm 2024 Digital Signage Industry Mixer Sponsor Profiles

May 30, 2024 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm is in just a couple of weeks in Las Vegas, and Sixteen:Nine has partnered with Experience United Social Club to run what is a very sold-out networking event.

This one is at a darts-themed bar called Flight Club, in the Palazzo complex. There will will be a little discussion about what was seen on the show floor, then networking and fun games of darts that don’t require much in the way of skill. Oh, and perhaps drinks. The event was sold out in TWO HOURS – yup – and we don’t have the capability to handle unregistered walk-ups that night. So don’t. We wish we could host everyone, but there are pesky things like fire safety codes and budgets.

Big hat tip to Bryan Meszaros, who created XUSC and has done most of the heavy lifting so far on organizing this event, while also running OpenEye Global and sitting on the DSF board. Now it’s my turn to do some work.

The Buzz & Bullseyes event happens because of great sponsors, who help cover the considerable costs of the evening, including an open bar. As hosts, we like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles.

Profiles already up:

Here is the next one, Tulsa-based managed services provider SageNet, which in recent years has made digital signage an increasingly “consequential” part of its business.

Can you summarize what SageNet does?

SageNet is a leading managed services provider specializing in connectivity, digital signage, and cybersecurity.

What makes SageNet unique is its Why: SageNet is passionate about Trusted Connections. This is a two-fold calling. First, the company creates trusted, reliable and secure technological connections for its customers. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, SageNet works tirelessly to build trusted human connections with its customers, partners and communities. The company believes that by creating, discovering and nurturing these trusted connections, SageNet enhances the world that connects us all.

What will your company’s presence be at InfoComm?

SageNet will be present as attendees on the show floor, as well as sponsors of the event. On the floor, they are partnering with sealoc to show new dual-sided outdoor displays for C-Stores, applicable for any range of uses including curbside displays, pump-side displays, drive-thru menus, and pre-board signage.

What is the range of services that SageNet can offer?

SageNet provides a range of end-to-end services that include network connectivity, digital experiences, cybersecurity, IoT services, and content creation. Their in-house experts provide services at any stage of the customer journey, from installation, test, and turn-up to network monitoring, maintenance, and data analysis. With a three-decade track record, SageNet provides managed services for a long-term customer base that includes the nation’s largest retail, financial, healthcare, utilities, and energy organizations, which includes communications for more than 430,000 endpoints.

SageNet does a lot of things, so what does digital signage and pro AV represent for the business? Is it a key solution in terms of company activity.

Both digital signage and pro AV represent about a third of the business. Not only is this a key solution for SageNet, but also an area of continued growth where business in this sector is anticipated to grow over time.

What markets and sectors have you been seeing a lot of growth from in the past couple of years, and where do you see growth looking ahead?

The most market growth has been seen in the c-store, quick-service restaurant (QSR), and retail industries. In the upcoming years, these are the same markets expected to continue growing as customer demands scale up, especially within the c-store industry.

Is there something you’d like more people to know about SageNet?

SageNet, unlike a traditional integrator, is a full managed service provider. Few companies in this space provide both the initial technology combined with the monitoring, management, and maintenance that SageNet provides long-term to ensure optimal operations. SageNet also brings an extremely wide breadth of IT technologies for network solutions, including internet, cellular, managed firewalls, and unified communications/VoIP.

The 2024 Buzz & Bullseyes sponsors are …

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