SNA Displays – InfoComm 2024 Digital Signage Industry Mixer Sponsor Profiles

May 28, 2024 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm is in just a couple of weeks in Las Vegas, and Sixteen:Nine has partnered with Experience United Social Club to run what is a very sold-out networking event.

This one is at a darts-themed bar called Flight Club, in the Palazzo complex. There will will be a little discussion about what was seen on the show floor, then networking and fun games of darts that don’t require much in the way of skill. Oh, and perhaps drinks. The event was sold out in TWO HOURS – yup – and we don’t have the capability to handle unregistered walk-ups that night. So don’t. We wish we could host everyone, but there are pesky things like fire safety codes and budgets.

Big hat tip to Bryan Meszaros, who created XUSC and has done most of the heavy lifting so far on organizing this event, while also running OpenEye Global and sitting on the DSF board. Now it’s my turn to do some work.

The Buzz & Bullseyes event happens because of great sponsors, who help cover the considerable costs of the evening, including an open bar. As hosts, we like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles.

Profiles already up:

Here is the next one, the US-based LED display manufacturer SNA Displays, which has ties to the Chinese LED company Sansi.

Can you give readers the rundown on what your company does and your role in the digital signage ecosystem?

SNA Displays is an LED display manufacturer and service provider that builds high-end systems for indoor and outdoor applications in almost every digital signage market sector. We support our display offerings with backend systems integration, project management, technical expertise, and managed services. Our main market is in North America, but our portfolio extends across the globe.

We’re probably best known for big, custom spectaculars, but we have a breadth of experience that includes practical applications like fine-pitch dvLED, live events venues, retail, workplace digital signage, and much more.

What will your presence be this year in Las Vegas? Are you exhibiting or there to meet partners and customers on the floor and during supporting events like the Mixer? 

All of the above. We have a huge contingency at the show as we are showcasing product with a couple partners, including a 30 foot LED video wall (W1833, Analog Way) and a 0.7 mm display (W2536, rp Visual Solutions). We’re also there to meet and network with partners and customers, supporting events like Buzz & Bullseyes and Peerless AV’s Partner Palooza.

What draws you to Infocomm?

It’s definitely one of the digital signage industry’s most important weeks in terms of tradeshows. ProAV-focused but a little of everything for integrators, backend systems, hardware providers, etc and rich with opportunities to network

What key trends are you seeing in the marketplace?

Recent mainstays like tighter-pitch offerings, improved processing, and “see-through” video will continue to move the needle. As LED has continued to be mainstreamed, more intricate and experiential video experiences are being designed and built, so the ability to coordinate all aspects of those experiences through AV is increasingly important.

Pixel pitch was for many years the main product spec marketed at trade shows, but sub 1mm pitch products are now commonplace. What are your buyers and partners most interested in these days, and what are the deciding factors that might swing them to SNA?

Most buyers are no longer specifically focused on pixel pitch because, as you mention, the sub-1 mm future has arrived and is fairly commonplace, so it’s not heavily marketed as a differentiator. Owners and clients care about clarity, quality, cost of course, but also HELP. It’s a technology they know they need, but most also have the sense that they need an expert to get the most from their investment, a company with credibility, know-how, and a little grit—basically a good partner. That’s where we shine. Some prospective partners and clients don’t know us, but most are on-board when they get a peek at how we manage and operate behind the screens. How do you manage design or technical challenges? Do you meet deadlines? Do you communicate well? How do you solve problems? These are of course tried-and-true questions, but the proof is in the pudding and typically we’re in a good position after answering them.

What’s something you’d like the signage and pro av community to know about your company and people?

While we do tend to brag about our product quality or experience in big-time projects, our key asset is our people. Their accumulated knowledge and expertise is what makes us tick. We manage projects well, provide support where needed, and have the expertise to get the job done.

The 2024 Buzz & Bullseyes sponsors are …

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