Get Set For Buzz & Bullseyes – The Digital Signage Industry Mixer At InfoComm

February 19, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Sixteen:Nine and the Experience United Social Club have paired up to organize a big digital signage industry mixer this June in Las Vegas, during the giant InfoComm pro AV trade show.

Bryan Meszaros of the New Jersey-based experience design agency OpenEye Global, which has been doing for a few years now a series of XUSC parties associated with trade shows and other industry gatherings, will co-host the event with Sixteen:Nine. There will be opportunities for a little learning, lots of networking, and then some fun with darts – as the event is at a darts-themed bar in the Venetian Resort complex, called Flight Club.

Flight, with an L, not Fight … in case anyone was suddenly thinking that was a terrible idea. Or, worse, a great one.

This arrangement makes me very happy, as I am coming off two big mixers in less than eight weeks, and I really, really, really didn’t want to do another event if it was all or mostly on me to pull it together. It also made sense to have one focused event, instead of two on different nights, during what is a busy, busy week during days and evenings.

Bryan is an industry friend and his events are fantastic – usually thematic and heavily focused on fun. I like fun, too, but Sixteen:Nine mixers have mainly been about providing an efficient, target-rich environment to meet or touch base with a bunch of people. We chatted and quickly resolved a way to blend formats.

The cadence of the evening:

As always, we will be looking for sponsors to offset the considerable costs of these efforts. You can reach out to me or Bryan and we can fill you in. Bryan is kind of driving the bus on this one, so the sponsoring fees will get invoiced by his company.

Registrations will go up in early April. Watch this space.

I’m also already planning ISE 2025. Half my sponsor slots already re-committed for that one.

No Mixer for me at DSE 2024. Grandson’s third birthday is in same precise time window. Guess what wins.

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    You had me at darts!

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