Generative Visuals Derived From Famous Artworks Fills Huge LED Canvas At Dolby’s HQ

This is a set of digital motion graphics art pieces running at the Dolby Gallery in San Francisco, on a 62-foot wide street-level LED in the lobby.

Developed by Chicago experiential design agency Leviathan, Metamorphosis is described as an audiovisual odyssey that extracts brilliant color data from masterpieces of the past century to create an entirely new experience of art.

The agency’s coders developed a method to dissect traditional paintings and produce generative visuals. Those visuals are set rhythmically, says the company, to a composed ambient soundscape.

This synergy between sight and sound is custom-designed for Dolby Gallery. Rich color volume data, inspired by Dolby Vision technology, is brought to life along with a sonic experience mixed in Dolby Atmos. Moving audio dynamically travels across 52 full-range speakers and 34 subwoofers to immerse visitors in a fusion of art and science.

The Dolby Gallery, at the company’s headquarters building on market Street, features the work of digital artists from all over the world who innovate in their own medium and use technology to create their work.

Leviathan is the company that did that amazing generative LED wall in Chicago.

UK Digital Billboard Campaign Visualizes Cyber-Crime In Real-Time

This is a terrific, very different way to use real-time data to drive home a compelling message for a brand – in this case a UK insurer that wanted to make small businesses aware of cyber-risks.

The digital OOH campaign for Hiscox Insurance visualizes in real-time attacks on a designated “honeypot” server that would typify the kind of set-up many small business would use for day to day operations. The poster shows each attack, as a way of reminding business owners just how much cyber crime activity there is out there.

Tech-build and production was done by London-based Grand Visual and the campaign’s delivery is managed through QDOT’s ad tech platform OpenLoop, which is related to Grand Visual.
Very clever.