Real Estate Services Giant Uses 24-Foot Lobby LED Wall, Generative Data, To Inspire Staff And Guests At New DC Offices

February 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice fit-to-size LED video wall in the new Washington, DC offices lobby of real estate services giant Cushman & Wakefield – a 24-foot wide canvas running generative art.

The video wall is central to the experience for both employees and visitors, says the Chicago creative shop behind it, Next/NowA larger-than-life LED video surface displays a series of five generative modules, each with a unique visual language and data schema. Sophisticated particle fields, morphing architectural elements, and flowing data structures come to life, driven by realtime commercial real estate data.

“No longer is the workplace just a place to work – it’s a place where people need to choose to spend a significant portion of their lives,” says Next/Now’s Executive Creative Director Cody Tilson. “And it’s time to prioritize the well-being and happiness of employees, as well as inspiring visitors.”

The system runs on Next/Now’s own custom content management system, Activate360, and is driving a Planar/Leyard LED display (pitch unknown).

The PR adds:

NEXT/NOW’s artists and technologists utilized several tools including Touch Designer, Notch, Unreal Engine, and Cinema4D. Custom data pathways feed the visuals’ behaviors, creating a living visual palette that envelopes the center. NEXT/NOW’s creative team rooted their conceptual exploration in visualizing the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape. Using relevant industry and environmental data, their team was able to fuel the movement, color, and composition of the content behavior. The integration of real-time data visualization aids in the longevity of the installation and ensures content doesn’t grow stagnant over time.

I like that this project nicely fits the space, without being overpowering, and also how at least some of the visuals in the video (below) have something akin to subtitles or captions that help explain (or at least hint at) what people are looking at, as the visuals are shaped by information like commercial leasing data. So often, the generative piece I see are shaped by data streams, but to just about every viewer it’s just a cool, shape-shifting video piece – because there’s nothing to explain what they’re seeing.

  1. Ahmed Amir says:

    interest of buying this video wall to Republic of Maldives

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Hi Ahmed … you would have to contact a generative data artist, and an LED video wall manufacturer or reseller. I’m afraid I can’t help with directly sourcing a solution.

    2. Renaud Dauchel says:

      Hi Ahmed,
      Have you been able to find a company to help you?
      Otherwise, I’m working as Tech Lead for Deloitte Digital and we are creating such video walls, from design to installation.
      Happy to help you if still needed.

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