ISE 2024 Sixteen:Nine Mixer Sponsor Profile – How SignageOS Makes Digital Signage Ecosystem Accessible To Everyone

January 19, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is coming on quickly, and Sixteen:Nine is again doing a Barcelona version of the networking mixers it has been doing since forever.

The sold out event happens because of eight great sponsors who help cover the considerable costs of the evening, including tapas and an open bar. I like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles. Here are profiles already up on this platform:

The next one up is signageOS, a continually interesting company that has its roots and main office in Prague.

Can you give readers a rundown on what your company does and your role in the digital signage ecosystem?

signageOS stands at the forefront of digital signage software solutions, aiming to make the ecosystem accessible to everyone. This includes hardware vendors, system integrators, software developers, and end users. With years of development expertise, signageOS offers unlimited access to over 40 platforms and operating systems. Its core products, CloudControl and Devspace, streamline the development, management, and operation of large-scale digital signage networks.

CloudControl equips users with a comprehensive toolkit for remotely managing and monitoring digital signage devices. This tool offers real-time insights into device status, connectivity, and performance.

Meanwhile, signageOS DevSpace simplifies the development of native apps that seamlessly function across various digital signage platforms and systems. A notable strength of signageOS lies in its extensive compatibility with diverse digital signage devices and operating systems. This provides a standardized and scalable solution for flexibility, compatibility, and centralized control.

What will your presence be this year in Barcelona? Are you exhibiting or there to meet partners and customers on the floor and during supporting events like the Mixer? 

We will be exhibiting at this year’s ISE at Hall 6, Booth 6H240. We are also excited to meet partners and customers on the floor. We’re keen on engaging in networking opportunities, including events like this Mixer, to foster collaborations, share knowledge, and stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the digital signage industry.

What draws you to ISE?

As a digital signage software provider, ISE serves as a hub for professionals, exhibitors, and experts, offering us a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the forefront of advancements, trends, and technologies within the digital signage industry. The event provides an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and uncover insights that will empower us to continually enhance our digital signage software solutions.

What key trends are you seeing in the marketplace? 

Right now, AI-powered personalization is a big topic, and alongside AR integration and sustainability, there’s a lot happening. We see connecting digital and physical, or ph, if you will, has been a fast-growing space, offering a tremendous opportunity for growth.

Are buyer profiles shifting and evolving?

Yes, there are. There are different groups looking for different solutions with different pain points, and some of them were not part of the buying process. There seems to be a shift from all-you-can-eat offerings, where your provider runs the show from start to finish, to more fragmented solutions that are seamlessly integrated and allow for more control and a better experience for both the buyer and their customers. To some extent, you could call it the partial consumerization of digital signage.

What’s something you’d like the signage community to know about your company and people?

We’re a very cool company with tech enthusiasts to work with :-). We can solve even more complex challenges in a very short time, thanks to the knowledge we’ve built over the years. We place significant emphasis on innovation, continuous learning, and development, providing ample opportunities for training, enhancing skills, and advancing careers. We actively strive to identify simple and elegant solutions for complex problems, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

Our ultimate aim? We want to democratize access for everybody who wants to be in this space, whether you’re new to the industry or you already have thousands of devices out there. This doesn’t need to be this hard. We have the means and passion to make it simple. We already do.


These events only happen with the tremendous support of sponsors. The companies who are the sponsors for the 2024 event:


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