ISE 2024 Sixteen:Nine Mixer Sponsor Profile: How StratosMedia’s Data Flow Engine Automates Creation And Display Of Content To Screens

January 15, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is coming on quickly, and Sixteen:Nine is again doing a Barcelona version of the networking mixers it has been doing since forever.

The sold out event happens because of eight great sponsors who help cover the considerable costs of the evening, including tapas and an open bar. I like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles, and the first one up involves StratosMedia, a long-running, much-respected but somewhat stealthy software firm based in Brisbane, Australia, but selling globally.

Founder and CEO Brian Hammett evidently missed the ABC sales class on Always Be Closing and passed along these at-times fun and cheeky responses to questions about his company and ISE plans.

Brian,  I know that you don’t talk about your clients, often because you’re not allowed to make PR noise. So can you instead tell me what’s new with your CMS software?

Thanks, Dave. Yes, StratosMedia has its evangelists who talk about our reputation for innovation, creativity and heavy focus on customer results. But we do indeed operate with a level on anonymity.

In terms of what’s new with the platform, our Data Flow Engine has been extremely well received. In simple terms, the DFE, for short, allows customers to automate the creation and display of content based on multiple simultaneous and/or sequential actions, data, text, time, location, triggers, API’s and more to achieve an outcome.

There is no limit to the number of feeds and actions. The interface is customizable with drag and drop components, as well as editable fields at all points. All changes to the DFE are instantaneous to all required devices. For one of our clients, their old CMS took up to 10 – 14 days to manually update just one API address.

Originally created to a client’s specific needs for workplace communications and professional broadcasting services, we have now included this feature for all customers.

Our development team has not been able to find any other platform that delivers this functionality … so maybe we can claim another world-first!

So are there clients you can talk about?

We have a wide range of customers across diverse industry groups, so we target our communications to the potential customers needs. We only discuss reference cases where we have approval. Under NDA’s, many clients will not allow their name to be used as a reference, however, we can talk in general terms.

For instance, we are currently in the middle of rollouts of thousands of kiosks across Asia, EMEA, Japan & UK for several different customers, each with a host of unique features. This easily demonstrates our ability to deliver customized components to suit our customer’s needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We also have many key customers that we can talk about as a reference case … including, All Saints, HP, Conde Nast, BCEC, Red Rooster, Owens Corning and many more.

We have another large global customer that is using DFE and has been blown away by its functionality, and we hope to be able to talk more about that in the future.

Can you give me a more general rundown on what StratosMedia is all about and what it offers?

We’ve never been just a Content Management System. Our core focus is to deliver a single platform for the Creation, Distribution, Management, Playback and Analytics of Visual Media for Kiosks, Mobile Phones, DOOH, Digital Signage, Large Scale LED and Workplace Communications.

We are a Hybrid Cloud Platform with a broad range of embedded toolkits that allow our customers to either create or ingest their Data, API’s, Assets etc across multiple environments.

Importantly, we do not outsource our product development and our full stack has been developed by our own team. This provides enormous benefits to our customers in our ability top customize applications to meet their specific needs.

Q: Your logo is a kangaroo with wings. I’ve not yet found my way to Australia, but I don’t think I need to be there to know kangaroos don’t have wings. Or do they? What’s the story there?

The Sky Garoo (Sky Kangaroo) is a fabled marsupial from the land down under. Part of the Genus that forked from the original kangaroo, and is closely related to its distant cousins, the Tree Kangaroo and the Rock Wallaby.

Sky Garoo’s are Australia’s apex nocturnal predator. And their preferred diet includes every Australian animal that kills you, including crocodiles, snakes, sea snakes, spiders, sharks, sting rays, cassowarys, dingos, platypus, drop bears, box jellyfish, stone fish, bees, blue ringed octopus, cone shells, and the paralysis tick. Since the introduction of sheep by the English in the 1800’s, during the bush fire season, roast lamb is high on the agenda for Sky Garoos.

Renowned for their incredible speed, superior intelligence, agility, strength and persistence, the Sky Garoo is the perfect beast to represent StratosMedia.

OK, so maybe I don’t want to find my way to Australia … even with all that great red wine. A tough decision. Taking a break from avoiding all the things Down Under that can kill you, what will the company be talking about and showing at ISE?

We are located on the ASUS stand (Hall 6 — 6D330 — Digital Signage & DooH), and are one of the partners on the Google stand (Hall 2 — 2N800 — Unified Communications & Education Technology)

Importantly, we’re a sponsor of the 16:9 Mixer and the Digital Signage Awards later that evening.


These events only happen with the tremendous support of sponsors. The companies who are the sponsors for the 2024 event:


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