ISE Sixteen:Nine Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Videri

January 20, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is fully back after COVID-era disruptions, and Sixteen:Nine is doing a Barcelona version of the networking mixer it has been staging annually at DSE in Las Vegas for the past decade or so.

The event (sold out, sorry!) happens because of eight great sponsors who help cover the considerable costs. I like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles, and the next one up involves Videri, a  NYC-based software company that I met only recently in Las Vegas, during DSE.

Along with being a sponsor, Videri has very kindly offered to set up a series of its super-skinny, no-fuss screens at the mixer to do sponsor recognition. So if you are going to the mixer, you’ll see the gear there. The company has a super-interesting, quite different story to tell.

One example: Think about ALL those backlit plastic logo displays for beverage brands mounted on walls in countless bars and restaurants, replaced by changeable, dynamic digital versions.

Earlier profiles:

Here’s what Videri has to say …

Q: What does Videri do and how does it set itself apart from the competitive pack for digital signage solutions?

Videri is an end-to-end digital signage platform that solves for the otherwise high cost, complexity, and design limitations of traditional display and media player solutions. Our product was initially custom-built for a large multinational beverage company that required a non-technical sales rep to install, set up, connect to the cloud, and get apps working without any technical help. Not only that, but they also had to leave the premises within 15 minutes! This required us to make countless design decisions on the hardware and software to deliver on a purpose-built platform that other customers now benefit from.

Q: By your own admission, Videri’s profile in this industry has been very low. I sense that is changing, correct?

Videri is now on its 4th generation display and has been around for 10 years. Until 2021, we were focused on refining the product and platform, along with developing strategic relationships with key customers and partners, all driving healthy growth without the need to invest in marketing.

Now, scaling and broadening our reach is our focus. We are established and proven, with a strong story to tell – all the ingredients for high growth.

Q: Your solution is both based and named around the idea of a screen being a canvas. There are light and skinny LCDs already in the market, so why did Videri go down the path of having its own kind of screen custom-manufactured?

Traditional TVs are built primarily for consumers and have many features that aren’t necessarily relevant to the enterprise. They also have a lot of drawbacks – like needing to have HDMI and USB ports; challenges that come with those, typically poor-quality speakers that aren’t used; the need to use a media player; etc. We stripped all that out and made an elegant, purpose-built product based on real world enterprise customer requirements. It needs to look beautiful, mount flush to the wall, work together seamlessly in groups of Canvases to display content in a coordinated fashion. It also needs to be low power, light weight and simple to install. No one out there makes digital displays this way and if they did, enterprises would happily buy them!  We recognized this need and built it ourselves.

In addition to our hardware, we have invested heavily in our software platform. The Videri Cloud is an enterprise class CMS integrated with the Canvas. The capabilities, integrations and scalability enable our customers to manage 10’s of thousands of Canvases deployed in 80+ countries, with local permissions for thousands of users, all seamlessly from one central point.

For those people that like to put multiple canvases together in a beautiful and creative way, Videri has developed a feature called Orchestration, which makes it easy to play content across multiple Canvases in unusual configurations, all with no custom editing or modification to the images or video files. This allows brands and retailers to create highly engaging wall mosaics that are “point-and-click” easy to deploy and update.

Q: Who is using Videri (that you have approval to talk about)? And how are they using it?

Some of the world’s largest brands across a broad cross section of verticals use Videri to engage their audiences. You probably see our Canvases every day and not realize that they are Videri, because they fit into so many designs.

As you can imagine, Videri is seeing great demand across the obvious segments of hospitality, retail and QSR working with brands like Marriott, IHG, Neiman Marcus, H&M and others. We are also proven in the beverage segment at the point of sale in on-premise and off-premise with brands like AB inBev, Campari and Red Bull.

In addition, Videri is experiencing increased demand in the digital arts and NFT space. As the event industry comes roaring back, we are seeing great traction with brands and agencies who want the ability to use more digital in their exhibits and event activation experiences.

Some of our partners embed Videri Canvases into the most innovative merchandising fixtures and displays – like battery-powered mobile floor stands, digital glorifiers and even bar fridges – creating truly unique experiences.

Q: What’s the ROI model and how quickly is it realized?

When it comes to business cases and ROI, digital signage implementations come in two basic forms. Many implementations are all about increasing sales, and in these scenarios, Videri’s easy and low-cost installation, with its ability to scale from a single Canvas to thousands of locations – drives ROI typically in much less than a year. For situations where a more passive return is the objective such as wayfinding, corporate messaging or all-purpose signage for hospitality and retail, Videri’s low cost, integrated media player and feature-rich CMS make us an easy choice.

We are also excited about ongoing interest in working with partners to leverage the power of analytics, so brands can gain more insights and drive more business impact through digital. When you connect data and insights to the physical world of digital display, you can have something truly powerful.

Q: What is your presence at ISE this year, and what are you looking for?

This is our first year at ISE and as a sponsor of the Sixteen:Nine mixer, we are super excited about showing the “Videri Effect” to the partner community that serves this space. We have been overwhelmed by interest so far from this community … to work with us and to find new pathways for digital that really were not possible before.


Eight companies have stepped up to sponsor (thank you!) – with those funds covering a variety of costs like the venue, food, booze and staffing. The sponsors for the 2023 Mixer are:

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