ISE Sixteen:Nine Mixer Sponsor Profiles: MediaVue Systems

January 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is fully back after COVID-era disruptions, and Sixteen:Nine is doing a Barcelona version of the networking mixer it has been doing annually at DSE in Las Vegas for the past decade or so.

The event (sold out, sorry!) happens because of eight great sponsors who help cover the considerable costs. I like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles, and the next one up involves MediaVue Systems, which does software and hardware it markets as being engineered specifically for “Digital Out-of-home communications networks.”

This is the 4th sponsor profile. Earlier ones:

COO and President Erik Degiorgi filled me in on his company, and a rebrand, website re-do, and repositioning that just went live this week.

Since we last spoke, MediaVue has gone through a pretty extensive rebrand. Can you walk us through some of what has changed?

We entered the industry nearly two decades ago as a hardware manufacturer, building some of the first purpose-built media players. As you can imagine, a lot has changed since then. Today, we have a technology platform comprised of software and hardware that together is designed to decrease the overall cost of deploying and managing Digital Out-of-home networks at scale.

Can you talk a little more about what your technology platform consists of?

There are four main components of our platform. We still design and assemble hardware just outside of Boston. Our line of Digital Endpoints includes a range of media players and integrated touch panels that together support a broad range of use cases.

The second component is our managed operating system, MediaVue OS. Unlike off the shelf Windows or Linux operating systems, we build ours from the ground up for continual operation in signage applications. We include application software like a CMS or analytics software, as well as our proprietary software for quick and consistent installation. One of the most unique and valuable features of our OS is our update program. Every quarter we build a single update package that includes stability and security updates for the entire system. We test each release internally for stability and as of Q1 of this year are using a 3rd party organization to test its security. The objective is to ensure the entire platform has the most current security measures in place and the network doesn’t go down as a result of ad-hock updates, which I think we have been seeing a lot of lately.

The third component of our platform is our remote network management tool, Active Network Manager (ANM). In addition to general reporting, telemetry, setup and configuration features, AMN has a lot of features built into it to decrease operating costs and greatly reduce the need for in-field maintenance and repairs. When ANM and MediaVue OS are used together, there is a ton of automation built into the platform to ensure the network is actually doing what you want it to – and making corrections on its own when issues arise.

Finally, we back the entire platform with a warranty for up to five years and US-based support. A real human that in most cases was the same CSE that worked on the project pre-sale and knows the ins and outs of what’s actually deployed.

When you say things like “automation” in your network management tools, can you describe the kinds of things that are actually happening?

You can get a pretty detailed walkthrough of some of our automated processes on our new website, but in short, we have taken the most common causes of downtime and designed the technology to respond on its own. So, for example, power or connectivity losses, crashes in the CMS or operating system, are all identified and corrected without the need for human intervention. We can even tell if someone changed the input or turned off the display. We change it back automatically and let the network admin know someone is messing with the displays on site.

Thanks for the breakdown of your new platform and some of its features. How can people get in touch with MediaVue at ISE?

Thank you as well. We have done a lot of work over the years to develop what we think is one of the most robust and adaptable platforms in the industry. Our goal has always been to make the technology part of signage as easy as possible so our end-customers can focus on connecting with their audience.

We decided not to take a booth this year. Instead, we will have a presence at your mixer, will be attending a couple other events and be on the show floor for the duration of ISE. If anyone wants to schedule a time to talk, we are pretty easy to find.


Eight companies have stepped up to sponsor (thank you!) – with those funds covering a variety of costs like the venue, food, booze and staffing. The sponsors for the 2023 Mixer are:

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