ISE Sixteen:Nine Mixer Sponsor Profiles: StratosMedia

January 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is fully back after COVID-era disruptions, and Sixteen:Nine is doing a Barcelona version of the networking mixer it has been doing annually at DSE in Las Vegas for the past decade or so.

The event happens because of eight great sponsors who help cover the considerable costs. I like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles, and the next one up involves StratosMedia, an Australian software company that has offices in the US and UK and is active globally.

Earlier profiles:

I corresponded with CEO Brian Hammett.

Q: Brian, we’ve known each other for a bunch of years, so I am pretty aware of what your company offers and how it operates. But I think it is fair to say you have not been the noisiest CMS software company in the market. Can you give me a rundown on what StratosMedia is all about and what it offers?

Thanks Dave. I know how excited you are when listening to a CMS company tell you how unique and amazing they are.

So, I will be brief… StratosMedia has never been just a Content Management System. Our core focus is to deliver a single platform for the Creation, Distribution, Management, Playback and Analytics of Visual Media for Kiosks, Mobile Phones, DOOH, Digital Signage, Large Scale LED and Workplace Communications.

We are a Hybrid Cloud Platform with a broad range of embedded toolkits that allow our customers to either create or ingest their Data, API’s, Assets etc across multiple environments.

Importantly we do not outsource our product development and our full stack has been developed by our own team. This provides enormous benefits to our customers in our ability top customize applications to meet their specific needs.

RE the Noisiest CMS… We enjoy a high profile with our target markets and do not invest time in telling the “Guru” of digital signage based in far east Canada what we do …. Maybe this is what you are referring to ?????

Q: Your corporate website asserts that StratosMedia offers many key features that set it apart from the many other platforms on the market. What are those and how do they co-exist?

The major feature, including all the subsets, is… ONE Platform. I could spend the next three hours writing about every SubSet… However, let me touch on a few key points.

By having one over-arching platform with all components/features built in the same structural code, each component talks seamlessly with every other component.

Some examples (in non-tech speak) include:

In the myriad of CMS options across the world, most are actually better described as Content Aggregator In other words, the customer has to bring together Assets/Data etc built in Adobe, Word, PowerPoint, 3rd Party Software, data points ,and add them into an application for playback.

This method may have been acceptable in 2001, however these disparate systems can lead to frustration and challenges. Our customers are demanding smarter applications that reduce their time, increase their flexibility, deliver seamlessly and maintain a positive investment profile.

ONE Platform equals Better, Faster and Stronger!

Q: Your company works globally, but I am curious what the breakdown is by region. I assume a healthy chunk of the business is in Australia, because you are there.

Yes, we have a global footprint of customers, resellers and operations.

In October 2022, we opened our UK office to service the UK & EU Markets. Our US office services the NA & SA Market,s with the Australian Head Office servicing the Australian, Japan, Asian & African markets.

You know what they say about Assuming ???? … No.. Australia is not our biggest market

Global Rankings.

Q: When you are asked about reference cases and signature deployments, what do you talk about and why?

We have a wide range of customers across diverse industry groups, so we target our communications to the potential customers needs. We only discuss reference cases where we have approval. Under NDA’s, many clients will not allow their name to be used as a reference, however, we can talk in general terms.

For instance, we are currently in the middle of rollouts of thousands of kiosks across Asia, EMEA, Japan & UK for several different customers, each with a host of unique features. This easily demonstrates our ability to deliver customized components to suit our customer’s needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We also have many key customers that we can talk about as a reference case… Including, All Saints, HP, Conde Nast, BCEC, Red Rooster, Owens Corning and many more.

Q: Where are you seeing a lot of growth, for your company and more generally for the industry?

A big growth area for us has always been in Retail and Workplace communications where companies are upgrading as they require a mixture of higher levels of security, advanced functions, high level data ingestion etc. whilst maintaining a fair cost base compared to the previous platform that they were using.

Three key specific device areas are kiosks, interactive terminals & mobile phones.

Q: What will be your presence at ISE 2023?

We are one of the partners on the GOOGLE Stand… Look for the 2 x 65” Displays at the front of the stand. We will have several StratosMedia personnel there to discuss any questions or thoughts that you and your readers may have.


Eight companies have stepped up to sponsor (thank you!) – with those funds covering a variety of costs like the venue, food, booze and staffing. The sponsors for the 2023 Mixer are:

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