Buzz & Bullseye Mixer Update: Coming Together Nicely, But Still Waaaaay Sold Out, Sorry

May 10, 2024 by Dave Haynes

We’ll be using screens, too, but the printed material for the InfoComm 2024 digital signage industry mixer is either done or will be soon.

Bryan Meszaros, my event partner for the Buzz & Bullseyes industry mixer next month, has been doing the artwork and a lot of the front-end work for the event, and he sent along images for the sponsor recognition we will do around the darts-themed bar in the Palazzo resort complex.

The event, as a reminder, is waaay sold out. Some 300 tickets went in about two hours. The emails are still coming in from people who missed the ticketing window, and all we can say is that if we have some people cancel, we can try to squeeze some other people in. I thought when the window opened, industry people might have 2-3 days to register when they had a few moments. Not a couple of hours! The venue has a crowd cap and we also can’t just let in whoever shows because it is an open bar, and what we’re paying is tied to a crowd count.

One thing I will start putting together is a panel discussion early in the evening, asking some industry people what they saw and what impressed them. At these kinds of shows, I always bump into industry friends and start talking about sightings on the show floor. So I thought we could formalize that, and review and explore some stuff people might want to check out on the last day, before they head to the airport and home.

We had a call this week with Ed Crowley of URWay Holdings, which is working with Kioware to provide a couple of check-in kiosks at the entry, to hopefully streamline the process of getting in. These are the kiosks we were going to be using for the Sixteen:Nine Mixer at DSE back in December, but despite being shipped a week in advance, they didn’t show up in the little-known, rarely-visited backwater of Las Vegas until several days after the event. Grrrr.

Ed is shipping these ones two weeks out … and using a different company.

The kiosks mean people can show up, choose one of two kiosks, and either scan the QR code on a registration printout or digital wallet, or boink in their name, confirm and hit print. That will spit out a visitor label that then gets attached to a postcard-like badge and lanyard. I THINK we’re also needing to do wristbands, ‘cuz that’s what the venue wants to control bar orders.

This is what they looked like for DSE, not that we were able to use them.

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