InfoComm Digital Signage Industry Mixer Sells Out In Two Hours

April 16, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Well that was quite a bit faster than expected …

Registration opened yesterday afternoon for the Buzz & Bullseyes Digital Signage Mixer at InfoComm 2024, and about two hours later, it was sold out. I was thinking two days for the tickets to get allocated, or maybe a bit longer.

If you hit the registration page and can’t get anywhere, that’s why …

The event is a partnership between Sixteen:Nine and Bryan Meszaros, of the New Jersey-based experience design agency OpenEye Global, which has been running a series of mixer-like events for a few years now under the brand Experience United Social Club.

Bryan has been doing most of the work so far on this thing, and he let me know last night that registration had been crazy-fast, reaching the 300 attendees cap by dinnertime. Past experience with registration for these things is that a few people sign up two or three times because they think/worry that they screwed something up. I’ve also had cases in which people register their own name a few times, with the idea the extra badges are for his or her unnamed posse when they show up on the night.

Nope on that.

Dupes will weeded out, which should free a few attendee slots. We’ll also ask, as always, for people to let us know if travel plans change and they can’t make it.

We’d love to have an even bigger mob for the event, but venues have pesky little things like fire and building codes that genuinely limit how many people can show. Moving to a different, larger venue is much easier suggested than done, especially two months out from an event.

We don’t have a waiting list, but will of course do what we can to accommodate people who missed the unexpectedly short registration window.

  1. Joseph Mendonca says:

    I tried to register for the Mixer at Infocom but was unable to. can you help?

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      very sold out but hopefully some tickets are freed up by changed travel plans

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