Registration Now Open For June 13th Digital Signage Industry Mixer At InfoComm

April 15, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Registration is now open for the big digital signage industry mixer set for June 13th in Las Vegas, during the giant InfoComm pro AV trade show.

Admission is free but you’ll need to be on a registration list to get in. That list is attendance-capped because the venue is a bar, not a convention center. So if you want to be among the 300 or so attendees, you’ll want to register quickly. These events tend to sell out within a few days.

The event is a partnership between Experience United Social Club and Sixteen:Nine, though I will loudly note again that Bryan Meszaros of the New Jersey-based experience design agency OpenEye Global has been doing much more work than me on this, at least so far. Bryan has been planning and running, for a few years now, a series of XUSC parties associated with trade shows and other industry gatherings.

Instead of having a Sixteen:Nine Mixer AND an XUSC event at InfoComm, we decided to pair up on this. Easier on us and sponsors don’t have to choose one or the other event, or invest in both.

There will be opportunities at the event for a little learning, lots of networking, and then some fun with darts – as the event is at a darts-themed bar in the Venetian Resort complex, called Flight Club. Emphasizing again here that it is Flight, with an L, not Fight … in case anyone was suddenly thinking that was a terrible idea. Or, worse, a great one.

Here’s the cadence of the evening:

We have a great list of sponsors, but could use one more. We’ve had a procrastinator probably-maybe joining the group, but in the absence of being able to formally commit, we’d welcome one more sponsor who’s totally on-board and ready to commit. The key benefit is being part of the main industry networking event at InfoComm entirely focused on digital signage.

There are lots of great events during InfoComm, but at most of them, the crowd will include all kinds of people who work in audio, collaboration technology, even light and rigging.

Interested in sponsoring? Send Bryan or I a note and we’ll relay the information.

About the timing: I like to do mixers on the eve of industry events, and we talked about doing the event on the Tuesday night, just ahead of the exhibit halls opening on Wednesday. But AVIXA, which owns and runs InfoComm, suggested there was going to be a high profile event on at the same time that would likely detract from our efforts. So we shifted to Thursday.

That event, as it turns out, is InfoComm’s evening at Sphere – that big LED ball that is arguably the buzziest project in all of AV at the moment. So I am glad we shifted and appreciate the head’s-up to do so!


  1. Lyz Saracho says:

    How exciting, thank you!

  2. Steve Molaf says:

    Going to show, like to attend.

  3. Marcos Terenzio says:

    Tried to register but the link did not work. Now it seems to be closed?

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