UK Startup Touting Cargo E-Bikes Supported By DOOH Ad Screens

April 4, 2024 by Dave Haynes

It is almost, now, a given that anything with a large surface area that’s out in the public is going to get a screen slapped on it to (hopefully) generate some advertising revenue, to supplement whatever the core business might be.

We’ve seen ad screens on the sides of buses, cargo trucks, boats and barges, and all the way down to the food delivery storage boxes on urban delivery scooters, so of course a fleet of last-mile delivery bikes in London have screens on them.

A UK start-up called CityShuttle is marketing and making available for lease an electric-assisted bike/trailer set-up that includes a couple of high-bright LCD panels.

The company is positioning itself as a transportation solutions manufacturer that would supply ePack4 cargo bike units to delivery and logistics companies, as opposed to being a media company.

The proposition is that these bikes can get around densely-populated and crammed urban centers – like London – much more easily than commercial delivery fleets. They are technically allowed on bike paths and pedestrian zones, meaning they can access areas traditional vehicles cannot.

The company also suggests the units can be used in a varied configuration as a people shuttle – like up-market rickshaws. The intent is to have bikes on London streets before the end of this year.

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