Creative Shop, Media Company Partner With London’s Flannels Store On Big 37-Screen Cube On Oxford Street

March 22, 2024 by Dave Haynes

On the heels of news that the giant Picadilly Lights digital ad board in central London is getting a companion experiential space, seemingly competing for eyeballs and budgets with the nearby Outernet London development, there’s word that another big digital display set-up in the area has a partnership aimed at also gaining attention and business.

The Flannels department store on Oxford Street – central London’s busiest shopping street – has partnered with the creative shop PixelArtworks and the DOOH media firm London Lites to run something called THE CUBE @ FLANNELS X.

The high-end department store – one of those places where even T-shirts have eyebrow-raising prices – has 37 external LED screens that can be used individually or as whole canvas.

The intent is to run regular brand advertising as well as 3D and anamorphic visual illusion content.

The screens have been there for a while and back in Oct. 2022, I wrote about how the building’s screens were positioned as a three-storey curtain of LED displays, running artwork organized by a group called W1Curates. It was described as one of the world’s biggest permanent digital public art installations, with the store’s aim of becoming a “theatrical retail destination” on London’s best-known high street.

That may still be the case, but its a big set of screens on a very busy foot traffic street – even if many of the stores on Oxford are selling candy, souvenirs and athletic wear. Ad money can help pay the bills.

This is what the store looks like in daytime (Jan, 2023 photo by me).

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