Video: Yay, An LED Manufacturer Shows How To Do 3D Illusions That Don’t Have A Viewing Sweet Spot

October 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Love this …

Jason Helton of SNA Displays has a video up on Linkedin showing that new display at the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex in Florida running 3D visuals, and it is NOT shot from a very specific angle off the 90 degree corner.

It is head-on, with Jason’s point being that if the creative is done thoughtfully, it can look good from any direction.

Just about every anamorphic illusion/3D visual creative piece posted on social media in the last three years – since this stuff first bubbled up – has shown things seemingly jumping out of screens, as captured from what’s called the two-point parallel perspective. Some of these big displays even have sidewalk stickers that suggest people stand in a certain position to “see” the 3D.

I have seen stuff was shot by casual observers – like this one in Denmark – that shows how crappy it can look when not in that viewing sweet spot.

And one other note (SNA is NOT guilty of this): the visual trickery is in the creative. Despite what some Chinese manufacturers like to assert, there is no specific LED display technology needed to do this sort of thing. There are some glasses-free 3D LED screens that use lenticular lens to kinda sort deliver visual illusions, but the ones I have seen at trade shows are next-level awful in terms of visual quality.

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