New Kennedy Space Center Experience Greets Visitors With Giant 30 by 98 Foot Ground-Level LED Board

October 20, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A big new outdoor LED display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in central Florida is notable for at least a couple if reasons – its sheer scale but also a physical set-up that seemingly bakes in 3D visual illusions as the default creative approach.

The great majority of these anamorphic illusions are designed for, and executed on, displays that wrap around corners and make the visual trickery possible. In malls and big public plazas, the audience tends to be in motion and surrounded by other visual distractions. So a lot of the point of these efforts is getting the ad “amplified” via social media shares, and the in-person viewer count is a small component of the overall impressions.

But in the case of this hybrid working facility and quasi theme park east of Orlando, the LED board is down at ground level and there are few other distractions at the entry to the complex. The in-person audience is the primary audience. So it is one of the attractions in the overall attraction, and people would have the time and interest to position themselves at the best angle to fully see the purpose-created anamorphic illusions (with most of these things, the creative can look skewed and weird unless seen at a narrow and specific angle).

The screen is 30 feet tall and, including the corner side, is 98 feet wide. Called the Kennedy Entry Experience, the 3,000 sq. ft. screen uses 6.6mm SNA Displays product.

Here’s a video … And there’s another here on Instagram.

Along with the 3D creative about space exploration, the display also runs live-input video and event messaging, and is tied in to the emergency system the park can use to alert guests of things like approaching storms.

It’s on the Florida coast, so the steel structure is designed to withstand 150-mph winds and includes a lightning protection system providing overcurrent protection during storms.

“The astronomical new Kennedy Entry Experience is one of the largest LED displays set at ground level,” says Jason Helton, EVP for SNA Displays. “I’ve long been a huge fan of space exploration and am really passionate about this particular project. This location is such an important piece of American history representing drive, perseverance, and a desire to push the boundaries of technology and human excellence. We’re incredibly proud to work with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.”

Eastern Sign Tech provided installation services while Ivey’s Construction provided general contracting services.

SNA Displays has also provided 3.9 mm exterior LED kiosks to welcome guests to the Visitor Complex, and will be adding a 2.5 mm Interior LED video wall for the park’s Trailblazers exhibit.

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