Anamorphic Ad Spot At Danish Mall Shows Possibilities And Limitations of 3D Creative

December 9, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a great example of well-executed anamorphic illusion creative that shows what’s possible, but at the same time demonstrates the limitations of these digital illusions.

It’s on a big DOOH LED display in the center court of a shopping mall in Copenhagen, Denmark – a spot for a Danish broadcaster’s “popular Christmas calendar ‘Tinka og sjælens spejl’ ”

The spot was done using Ocean Outdoor’s Deep Screen technology, shot using a custom green screen set-up that matched the virtual wall you see in the spot. The vast majority of these anamorphic illusion pieces have been done with computer-generated visuals, so it’s interesting to see one using actors.

Here’s a general video shot at the mall that shows what the spot looks like if people are not in the viewing sweet spot just off that corner. You can see how even being a little bit off screws up the 3D illusion. That’s why it is rare to see a promotional piece from an agency or media owner running these kinds of spots that isn’t shot from a very specific angle – called the two-point parallel.

Nonetheless, the overall piece is nicely done.

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