Check Out This $9 Million LED Facelift At Three Times Square In NYC

December 16, 2022 by Dave Haynes

LED display technology has come down in cost for a variety of reasons, but the overall budget for big displays can still be best presented with a defibrillator ready for the end-user.

Consider this update at 3 Times Square in New York – a $9 million upgrade of what was previously known as the Thomson Reuters digital display, but is now known as The Midtown Financial, or MiFi.

Says PR on the new display …

At over 10,500 total square feet, the full-motion digital display also marks a significant 40% increase in size over its predecessor, and will provide brands with a state-of-the-art canvas for their campaigns. With its towering spire, the Midtown Financial ascends nearly 300 feet off grade, making it one of the largest and highest reaching displays in all North America. When paired with Branded Cities’ digital spectacular at Nasdaq, the new TS2 (Nasdaq and Midtown Financial) delivers over 20,500 square feet of digital signage, allowing a true domination of Times Square’s southern bow tie.

“Our media offering in Midtown Manhattan has grown significantly over the past few years and we are pleased to be partnering with Rudin Management on the re-development of this iconic digital spectacular,” says Steve Ellman, CEO of Branded Cities, which is selling time on the display. “Now complete, brands have the ability to access over 40,000 square feet of spectacular digital and static signage through Branded Cities’ portfolio in the New York market.”

“This massive digital display will serve as a vibrant addition to the neighborhood and a perfect complement to the repositioning effort we are undertaking at 3 Times Square,” says Michael Rudin, an EVP at the commercial property company (Rudin) that owns the building (and quite possibly funded the display). “We are proud to collaborate with Branded Cities in creating a new visual icon that reflects and amplifies Times Square’s enduring energy, vitality and vibrancy.”

I’m going to assume that $9 million is all-in, as that would be a lot for just the display and its infrastructure. There would likely be building modification costs and a lot of labor, as well.

No idea on LED manufacturer or integrator. If you know, add to comments …

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