Video: Retailer Good American’s Screen-Filled LA Flagship

June 21, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I wrote back in January about retailer Good American’s display-filled flagship store at the Westfield Century City Mall in LA, and now the tech company providing the displays and management software has pushed out a video that does a good job of showing the what, why and hows of the set-up.

Samsung provides both the displays and CMS for the small retailer, which I think has three locations, but much higher profile because of one of the Kardashian sisters being a co-founder. The whole celebrity worship thing completely escapes me, but at least in this case, the retailer’s very positive focus is clothing for women who don’t have the bodies of runway models or personal trainers.

The showpiece feature of the store is a 31.5-feet-wide LED ribbon that runs across the top of the store wall, showing dynamic visual merchandising content about the cut, wash and level of stretch available for jeans sold in the store. I think this is quite effective in communicating and reinforcing the key benefits of their product line, instead of just doing branding or something vague like driving “experience.”

There are are other screens in the windows facing out to the concourse, as well as inside in areas like the fitting rooms.

A story in Retail Wire includes the funny, if you’ve been in this industry for more then a minute, note that the CMS – Samsung’s MagicINFO successor VXT – enables centralized content management. For instance, Samsung noted that “content at its new Las Vegas Strip location, which opened in February 2024, can be handled by the same person in the same room as the Century City locale.”

My head just exploded.

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    I can understand why your head exploded Dave. Even mentioning that “capability” in a press release reveals someone’s lack of awareness of…everything.

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