Final Notes And Thoughts From InfoComm

June 17, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Halifax is not that far from Las Vegas, really, but between long connections and time zone differences I left my hotel at 9 am Friday and stumbled through my front door at 3 AM Saturday. So Saturday was mostly spent sitting on my comfy chair, bubbles on my lips, staring into space.

I know there were people who came from central Europe, China and even as far afield as New Zealand, so poor me. I had it kinda sorta easy.

Now rested, and a nice, sunny Father’s Day spent with family, I have some last comments and thoughts about my InfoComm 2024 experience.

First, my apologies to people who wanted to connect with me during the week. The show floor days go by in a blur, and I was only actually at the LVCC for two days, minus a couple of hours on day 2 when I had to bolt to get ready for the mixer that evening.

My apologies to anyone who I may have seemed to blow off, doing a Hi! and Bye! thing because I had to be somewhere else. I also had chats that saw someone else jump into a conversation, and the original chat then sidetracked. It happens.

I also registered for a couple of events, with the best intentions to go, but like most people who do trade shows, time and energy is finite.

I heard and read that it was quite a good show for a lot of vendors, and could see it reflected in the activity at stands. But I also saw more than a few stands that had sales people doing the flicking-through-their-smartphones thing because not enough people were slowing down and stopping for a look.

A lot of vendors have well-established ecosystems of partners and resellers, and InfoComm is an efficient way to touch base with a lot of them – regardless of whether they have any shiny new pots and pans to show off and talk about.

But there are other companies who come to these kinds of events and are just there – with no real differentiation that makes people curious and ready to stop and talk. Some vendors using eye candy, funny costumes, incentives like coffee or booze, freebies (or all of the above) to generate booth activity, but I think there is a lot of quiet value in just being really clear and concise with booth messaging about a company does or offers. … And not everyone does that well.

I also, after the fact, see Linkedin posts that show vendors were there with stands – and I can’t remember seeing them. You think you walk exhibit halls pretty exhaustively, and still miss aisles and little nooks and clusters of companies. Being in the front row is no guarantee of success, and I had a hell of a time finding some vendors I specifically did want to see because of sightlines and layouts.

So if I didn’t pop by, I wasn’t dodging your company. Probably 😉

Random things:

With the Buzz & Bullseye Mixer done and dusted – we sold out in two hours and hit and went over our capacity for attendees on the night – I am now, already, looking at the ISE Mixer early in Q1 2025 in Barcelona. Several vendors asked me for the sponsor package for that, and at least six sponsor slots have already been grabbed, mainly by returning sponsors.

SO … if you have thoughts of getting involved, you might not want to procrastinate.

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