Digital Creative Collective Universal Everything Ding Months-Long Exhibit In Melbourne

April 19, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Another creative studio well known for generating visuals for big screens has got into the exhibition game – with the UK-based art and design collective Universal Everything putting on a special months-long event at the ACMI (formerly Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne.

The ticketed show is called Beings and will run from May 22nd to Sept. 29th.

Projected larger than life, Universal Everything’s parade of fantastic beings hypnotically morphs between forms and textures, from kaleidoscopic fur to molten lava, water molecules, and more. Once you’ve met the cast of colourful characters, you can jump, dance and play to bring them to life. The more you move, the more animated they become. Created from game engines, VFX software and ever-evolving algorithms, massive digital installations appear among generative artworks that grow and change in real-time, responding differently to each interaction so that no two visits are the same.

For over 20 years, UK based art and design collective Universal Everything has created vibrant experiences that mesmerise and enchant audiences. Fascinated by creating ‘soulful technology’, they’re inspired by nature, human figures and emotions. Their work explores movement, form and colour to create a world of friendly, hyperreal beings. Beneath the high-end visual effects, the creative process begins with simple hand-drawn sketches. Displayed alongside the artworks for the first time, these drawings reveal the imagination and craft behind the innovation.

Long-time innovators, Universal Everything subvert cinematic CGI, physics simulations and real-time gaming graphics to create super-sized, life affirming artworks and experiences. An ACMI curated world premiere, including four new works, Beings is Universal Everything’s largest international exhibition to date.

The promo says this is Universal Everything’s largest to date, which pretty much says it has done previous exhibits. These guys are arguably most recognized for this thematic creative of “beings” walking.

I dunno if this is projection or big video walls or what.

The Korean creative shop D’Strict now has a permanent exhibit – in some ways a greatest creative hits gallery – on the Las Vegas Strip (near the Cosmo).

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