Industry Rankings Being Developed For Annual Invidis Yearbook, But We Need Surveys Completed … ASAP

April 11, 2024 by Dave Haynes

For the last few years, Sixteen:Nine has been collaborating with the German consulting firm invidis on editorial and research work directly associated with the digital signage market, giving them more insight on the North American market and, in turn, giving Sixteen:Nine a deeper look and news about the Europeans and Middle East markets.

I’m busily writing up material for the excellent annual yearbook invidis produces, and one of the things I’ll be asked to do again is provide some insights on which companies are doing the most trade (or rising up) in the US-Canada market. Very few companies share their sales figures or even their business footprint, so I am left making educated guesses for a lot of it.

A better way is contributing to a business survey that helps ranks vendors by key stats like the number of active software licenses. That survey has been going for a while, and invidis needs to close it off in the next couple of days, as the yearbook timing has moved up this year to coincide with an earlier date for its main conference in Munich, in late May instead of early July (EUFA football championship got in way).

From invidis:

If you want to appear in the digital signage rankings in the invidis yearbook 2024, you have to hurry: the survey only runs until April 13th. A few clicks and five minutes are enough.

The rankings and the Market Compass in the invidis yearbook are an important indicator of the balance of power in the market for our numerous readers. We publish who has the most active software licenses, who are the largest digital signage integrators in a region and who sold the most displays.

However, only those companies that participate can be made visible. Therefore, take part in the invidis survey 2024. It only takes five minutes, but you have the chance to appear in the rankings. Additionally, the survey helps invidis better understand the market and create more accurate analyzes – which in turn helps the industry as a whole. The survey only runs until April 13th!

Click here for the invidis survey for the yearbook ranking

The invidis yearbook is the most important specialist publication for the global digital signage market. It is published once a year as part of the DSS Europe conference in Munich,  which this year takes place on May 22nd and 23rd.

So … I have my impressions on what companies are doing, but it will be very helpful if vendors participate in the survey. If your company is quietly doing great, that status may well stay a best-kept secret unless you let invidis and I know!

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