The 2023 Digital Signage Yearbook Now Available As A Free Download

July 26, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The 2023 version of the annual invidis digital signage yearbook is now available as a free download.

The publication – done both as an oversized print magazine and as a PDF – has some 200 pages of stories, studies, analyses and market data, primarily about the European market. For the past two years, Sixteen:Nine has been helping out with North American content and what passes for insights from me.

The 2023 version has several themes:

The yearbook is published in German and English, with the German one being longer because of additional, country-specific advertising. You click on this link and register your email, and then take it from there. The page is originally in German, and auto-translates to English or whatever language the reader has set. If the translate results in two links saying Download the German version, the first of the two is really the English one.

You’ll figure it out!

The publication is purely editorial, and not riddled with articles posing as editorial … but really just advertorial.

This is easily the best and most ambitious report out there about our industry, and I am happy to have been a contributor. It is particularly good that the yearbook is ad-supported and therefore free to readers. There are good research reports out there (and a mountain of crap from Indian research factories), but regardless of quality they tend to cost $2,500 and up.

It should be required reading for anyone serious about this industry.

I caught up with the two Munich-based trade journalists at invidis – editor Balthasar Mayer and writer Antonia Hamberger – who spent months putting this together … have a listen:

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