LED Mainstreamed: A 400-Foot Wide LED Billboard On A Parking Garage

March 15, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Here’s more and different evidence of how LED is now a thoroughly mainstreamed display product: a 400-foot wide display on the side of a parking garage in Las Vegas, well away from the strip.

This is the Stadium Parking Garage, which has 638 much-needed parking spots across the street from Allegiant Stadium, where the Super Bowl was staged a few weeks ago.

The beast of a screen, manufactured by the Chinese firm Yaham (which has supplied outdoor displays to numerous casinos, like Resorts World), is 20 feet high and runs above a 24/7 restaurant called WSKY. It sounds like radio station call letters, but think Whiskey. There is also a Starbucks in the complex.

An interesting wrinkle on this is that the development is owned by a local company called Terrible’s that started with gas stations and car washes, but is now into all kinds of things, including casinos. I have stayed at a Terrible’s “resort” back in my leaner days, and it wasn’t Terrible (but definitely not the Wynn!).

Terrible’s has an arrangement with Clear Channel Outdoor to sell media time on the display. While the garage is on a secondary road that’s probably not all that busy except on NFL game days and when there are other events at the stadium, the LED-clad face of the garage would be visible from the very busy north-south interstate highway that runs past the backside of a bunch of mega-resorts along the Strip.

A screen of this scale would, not all that long ago, be the talk of the industry, and only be located in a very high profile area. Now it’s on a parking garage … albeit in blinged-out Las Vegas.

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