Curated Digital Art Streamer Blackdove Launches Pro AV Dealer Program

February 14, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The digital art platform Blackdove has formally launched a dealer program that it hopes gets the pro AV “channel” talking up, selling and implementing streaming artworks for video walls and other displays in commercial environments.

The company has been announcing partnerships here and there since it first came on the scene, such as one last year with LG, but this new Blackdove Dealer Program is positioned as a way for the Miami company to extend access to its SaaS platform “through a network of commercial dealers with a program that supports easy onboarding with excellent support from the Blackdove team.”

Blackdove says it has more than 20,000 digital art pieces available, from 550-plus artists.

“As demand for digital art installations continues to expand, we are proud to extend access to both sales and catalog distribution through the AV and Digital Signage Channels,” says Marc Billings, CEO of Blackdove. “This empowers AV sales teams to bundle captivating content alongside display sales, opening up new possibilities for artistic collaborations in commercial spaces.”

The company says it already has for “Platinum” level partners: Centurion LV in the US, and in Europe – IdeaworksKnowledge Visual Technology, and Leinfelder Holt.

Blackdove’s Chief Sales Officer Damon Crowhurst, well known in digital signage circles, says this focused channel program is designed to enable AV dealers to not only sell displays and their infrastructure, but also the content to run on them.

Very true and likely a good thing, as we have all heard stories about video walls being ordered and installed, and then the end-user starts asking about what to put on the display.

There are other companies in this space doing similar things, like Loupe Art and Alfalite, though I am not sure about formal dealer programs.

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