The ISE 2024 Mixer Is Tonight: Here’s The Last-Minute, Need-To-Know Stuff For Attendees

January 29, 2024 by Dave Haynes


The annual Sixteen:Nine Mixer at ISE 2024 is tonight. I am sure you’re looking forward to connecting once again with industry friends … as well as making new ones.

The basics:

The event is sold out, and we have a hard cap on capacity … and therefore attendance. So I’d appreciate people NOT grabbing a cab with the intent of talking their way in. We’d love to have everyone, but the limits are very real.

The event runs from 6 to 8 PM on Monday. The Digital Signage Awards are the same night, one floor above, starting at 8 PM. That is a separate, ticketed dinner event. Registration to the mixer does not get you access to the awards, but if you have a paid ticket to attend the awards dinner, access to the mixer is included.

For the mixer, there is an open bar and staff will be moving around with tapas to nibble on. We keep the music low so you don’t have to YELL YOUR WAY through conversations.

For those who are registered attendees:

You do NOT need a physical or digital ticket to get your badge and access the event. With the huge help of MOVIIK, from stunning Braga, Portugal, we’ll have kiosk check-in capability. Just walk up, boink in the start of your surname on the screen, confirm your name, and a label will be generated on a nearby printer. Bring that label to the event staff who will be in the immediate vicinity, and they’ll set you up with an event badge blank and lanyard.

Now the really important bit … how to get here:

The venue is a two-level public gardens pavilion in the Montjuic area, between the city center and the ISE event site. The site is in a park, so it can be a little hard to find for taxis if they don’t have specific instructions.

The basics are below and I’d urge saving this part as a note on your phone:

Esdeveniments Esferic Barcelona

Plaça de Dante, 08038 Barcelona

GPS: 41.368806, 2.165012

Closest street address (across street): Avinguda Miramar, 31, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

The venue is a round pavilion just inside the gateway to the Jardins de Joan Brossa (jardins means public gardens). The main road this is off is Avinguda Miramar. You can’t see the venue from the roadside.

There is a little bar across the street (and just down a little bit) called Salts Terassa Bar Montjuic, and the structure across the street from the drop-off is the top end of the outdoor diving site for the 1992 Summer Olympics. If you have time, have a quick look in the outside bar, which has an amazing view across the city.

I have developed this PDF that you can print out and have as a ready reference.

Transport After The Event:

It was a bit of a challenge after last year’s events to get rides back to hotels or elsewhere, as it is not a route taxis would normaly pass through in search of fares. So we will have someone calling for taxis after 8 PM, and again after the awards break up.

In a pinch, it is a 5-10 minute walk, out from the venue to the street and then right, to the Hotel Miramar Barcelona – where there would likely be taxis coming and going.

Other stuff?

Happy travels and see you Monday!


These events only happen with the tremendous support of sponsors. The companies who are the sponsors for the 2024 event:

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