Austrian Chamber Of Commerce Stacks 20 LCDs in Towering Matrix Video Wall

November 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

With so much focus and buzz about the potential for LED displays as main features in designed spaces, it’s easy to forget that flat panel LCD displays can also be used to deliver really interesting video walls.

Case in point, the new Chamber of Commerce district office in Imst, Austria, called Haus der Wirtschaft. The lobby has a stack of 20 different-sized 16:9 displays in a four-storey mosaic arrangement.

The chamber contracted integrator Peakmedia to put in the 20 different displays, using six different sizes.

From German language content partner invidis:

The planning began with a sketch on the mosaic table, followed by a graphic representation of the entire installation in Auto CAD. The Chamber of Commerce gave clear specifications regarding the placement of the displays – in particular, the four 86-inch screens should each be installed on one floor at door height. To do this, Peakmedia calculated the exact coordinates of the holders, planned the power supply and the connection of the displays.

The size and number of displays made precise measurement difficult. As a preventive measure, the Peakmedia technical team installed replacement cables to avoid failures. During assembly on site, the technical manager gave his team the exact coordinates for the display holders.

The challenges when using the displays were to present a uniform image or video on all 20 screens. Due to the different display sizes and pixel pitches, Dominik Zwerger, Peakmedia’s video expert, had to scale the content. In addition, there was no graphics card with the required 20 outputs, which is why the synchronization was carried out with three computers.

The design was inspired by something similar in a home decor store, but it reminds me a bit of an installation done years ago in the lobby of an expanded Christie Digital building southwest of Toronto, using its original MicroTiles.


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