Mixer Badges In For DSE; One Sponsor Slot Still Available For ISE Mixer

November 2, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I always tend to forget how much work is involved in putting these mixers together, but I’ve done enough of them to at least know what I need to jump on early. Like printing.

The badge blanks are done and safely at World HQ. We’ll have two kiosks for the DSE Mixer in Las Vegas that will allow people to boink in their surname on a touch screen, confirm it, and see a thermal printed name label that they will then slap on these postcard-sized badges and attach to a lanyard. Assuming all goes as planned, this will finally eliminate the need for two or three large tables filled with alphabetically sorted name labels.

We’re hoping to do the same in Barcelona, for the ISE Digital Signage Mixer.

Tickets for Vegas are sold out, and I’ve started to be asked about registration for Barcelona. That won’t happen until after DSE, as that delay MAY prevent my head from exploding. Ticketing and managing two events at once is a bit much for my marble-sized brain.

Speaking of ISE, I have patiently been waiting for word back from a couple of sponsors, and one of two let me know overnight they don’t have budget. The other is still kinda out there, but i can’t just sit on it. So … I have seven of eight slots long since sold and need one more sponsor to fill the roster. If your company would like to be part of THE networking event for the digital signage crowd at ISE, send me a note and I will send out the sponsor package.

UPDATE: all sold!



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