Sixteen:Nine DSE 2023 Mixer Sells Out

October 26, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It took longer, but the annual Sixteen:Nine Mixer at DSE 2023 in a few weeks has sold out its 400 or so tickets – ensuring a big crowd once again for the networking event that’s been a kick-off to the industry trade show for more than a decade.

With registration out of the way, I need to work on some other details – such as plans for a discussion panel ahead of the mixer, as was done last year.

One great thing that’s already been firmed up is a much smoother check-in process using – wait for it – technology! At a tech event. Imagine that …

I have wanted, for years, to use kiosks to remove the need for laying out 100s of name and company labels on a table, to be found by arriving attendees and attached to badge blanks. We almost made it happen last year, but my tech partners who will remain nameless were spectacularly hopeless.

This year, it is already nailed down through the help of Ed Crowley, who has been around the industry forever and knows a thing or 2,000 about kiosks.

Attendees will walk in, boink in their surname on a touchscreen, and out comes a thermal-printed label with name and company. Hallelujah!

More event details to follow.

The event happens because of great sponsors. Here’s our supporters for 2023.

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