Korean Creative Tech Shop D’Strict Opening Projection-Driven Arte Museum On Las Vegas Strip

November 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The Korean creative shop that has produced some of the more amazing large format visuals seen on big public displays – including among the first anamorphic illusions – is opening what it calls an Arte Museum on the Las Vegas Strip in later this month.

The projection mapping attraction will compete directly with Illuminarium and indirectly with the endless variety of visual bling that typifies Vegas – most notably the Sphere that opened a few weeks ago. Illuminarium is a taxi/Uber off the Strip, so I am sure having competition located right in the center of the action will make its operators twitchy.

The Arte attraction appears to feature new material as well as versions of the greatest hits produced so far by Seoul-based d’strict. The company is perhaps best known for populating that big corner display in Seoul that was among the first to start showing anamorphic illusions. The creative work by d’strict rivals that of Moment Factory … so it’s very, very good.

The venue – which is supposed to open days before DSE happens in Las Vegas – is setting up in the one of the buildings just off the Strip in the City Center complex – where Aria, Vdara and the Cosmopolitan are located. This makes me happy, as I am staying at Vdara.

There are already Arte Museums in Korea, China and, of course, Dubai.

Here’s a video reel that shows d’strict’s creative chops.

Here’s a location map …

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