Giant Vending Machine And 3D Illusions Used To Market Coca-Cola Product On Danish Mall Screen

October 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting blend of 3D visual illusions with a bolted-on, out-sized physical add-ons to a big LED display in a Copenhagen shopping mall – marketing a new Coca-Cola beverage.

The campaign mimics a giant Rube Goldberg-esque vending machine to building consumer interest in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

From a Coke exec on Linkedin:

An integrated vending machine linked to the 3D screen, eagerly awaiting GenZ to take a refreshing taste with a fresh cold sampling. Similar experience rolling out in Oslo, Helsinki and Hamburg. Here we come!

There’s an exciting twist… If consumers download our Coke App at the sampling location, they can give a big red button a spin, and WIN some seriously enchanting prizes! We’ve combined Media, Sampling, and App Downloads into one EPIC Real Magic experience in four markets.

I like this because the campaign creative is not fixated on the big visual trick of a hand seemingly reaching out of the screen, which may or may not come across correctly from most angles. There’s more than enough going on with this visually to get people looking.

This is the same mall, with a 90-degree corner LED, that ran an anamorphic piece for a TV show a few months back.

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