Korbyt Puts Its Anywhere Software Inside Workplace Video Giant Zoom’s Ecosystem

August 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Dallas-based CMS firm Korbyt has joined the list of digital signage software providers who’ve integrated with popular video collaboration platforms, putting its Korbyt Anywhere app on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Korbyt users, says the company, now have the ability to easily distribute content via the Zoom workflow, greatly expanding the reach of Korbyt Anywhere to virtually any meeting room with a network-connected screen.

“Business communication is evolving at a rapid pace as the line that once separated video conferencing from traditional internal communications begins to disappear,” reasons Mitch Ricks, Global Leader, ISV Partners at Zoom. “Streamlining how Korbyt’s platform connects with the Zoom platform is an important development that makes it much easier for our customers to enjoy frictionless communications across their businesses.”

From the PR:

Korbyt’s integration with the Zoom ecosystem is the first major product milestone since the company received a significant growth investment from Clearhaven Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm. The investment aims to accelerate Korbyt’s growth trajectory by expanding partnerships, facilitating customer support growth, and catalyzing further innovation of Korbyt’s industry-leading, cloud-native SaaS platform, Korbyt Anywhere.

Korbyt Anywhere is a powerful, cloud-based CMS with capabilities to engage employees via a wide range of channels, including digital signage, desktop, web, email and mobile devices. Korbyt Anywhere is the most advanced platform for engaging employees in the office and on the go. Adding native support for Zoom has the potential to easily double or even triple the number of endpoints by expanding the Korbyt ecosystem to hundreds of thousands of conference rooms. With native app integration creating a direct path into the Zoom ecosystem, conference room screens – even those not connected to media players – now have powerful management capabilities to seamlessly share employee communications content throughout the organization.

“A primary strength of Korbyt Anywhere is the ability to reach employees on their terms, wherever they may be,” says Andrew Gildin, VP Channel Sales & Revenue Operations at Korbyt. “Integrating more tightly with the Zoom platform builds on that strength by bringing countless new conference room endpoints within reach to make it easier than ever to manage content seamlessly across any corporate setting.”

Zoom has its own elemental digital signage capability, but Korbyt would add a lot more functionality. The company is primarily focused on workplace, going alll the way back to its roots as Symon Communications.

No new hardware is required to display content on conference room screens – simply download and install the Korbyt app from the Zoom App Marketplace. Users can then broadcast content to any network-connected screen via Zoom. The solution delivers a seamless experience and takes full advantage of AV equipment already in place, giving businesses a hassle-free internal communications solution at no additional cost.

Companies such as Appspace, ITES Media and Cenareo have all integrated with Zoom competitor Microsoft Teams.

  1. Max Guerrero says:

    Korbyt integrates and interacts directly with the meeting room – allowing for endless opportunities for Zoom customers showing new experiences on conference room screens. Compared to other competitors exclusively working within the Microsoft chat experience.

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