RMG Brings Symon Brand Back To Its Digital Signage Offer

December 13, 2018 by Dave Haynes

RMG Networks has revived the Symon brand – which was disappeared some five years ago when RMG acquired the Dallas-based business visual messaging company, Symon Communications.

RMG is still the corporate entity, but the enterprise (on-premise) software platform will be called Symon. The relatively new cloud-based CMS will continue to be marketed as Korbyt.

Says a press release:

SYMON has long been known as an industry leader in digital signage software and media players, delivering real-time data visualization solutions. SYMON made its name within the contact center space nearly 40 years ago with LED boards that promoted timely KPIs and news content for call center agents. Today, SYMON is responsible for running digital communications for more than 1,000 organizations worldwide, representing the most iconic brands in their respective industries.

“Bringing back the SYMON name with full-force pride was a natural business decision as soon as we became a private company on September 28, 2018, says Jerry Rosen, RMG’s chief revenue officer. “The SYMON brand has tremendous equity and emits a personality that is tested and trusted by over 50% of the Fortune 100. We have a number of wonderful clients who use the title ‘SYMON Manager’ in their organizations. If that’s not the proof positive of the marketplace talking to you, nothing is.”

Rosen said in the intervening years after the merger/acquisition, many clients continued to refer to and think of what they were using around their facilities as Symon.

This makes sense, and there are are likely some Symon lifers who were there is 2013 and still there now, who are looking around and muttering, “What just happened?” The company was ticking along nicely doing digital signage for business long before that became a hot vertical, and in the merger quickly became an out of home media company (with business comms on the side).

The company recently dallied with retail, but this is something of a signal that maybe RMG’s core should be focused on what they do well and what loyal business customers want. Workplace communications is a very active vertical, but there’s still a lot of opportunity in it.

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