Digital Signage Services Demand Plummeted; Hardware Sales Slowed In First Half Of 2023: Survey

August 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Munich-based consulting and publishing firm invidis has released the latest results from the digital signage and Digital Out Of Home “Business Climate Index” it recently revived, suggesting that the first half of 2023 saw demand plummet for digital signage services and sales slow for hardware.
“Only with a lot of luck can the industry make up for the declines of the first half of the year by December,” writes Florian Rotberg in summing up the survey findings. That survey went out via invidis and Sixteen:Nine this spring.

It will not be an easy digital signage year – that was already clear in January 2023. After the pandemic and supply difficulties, digital signage solutions were sold in unprecedented volumes last year. The market in EMEA grew by almost 20 percent in 2022 – thanks to catch-up effects. In addition, integrators filled their warehouses last year due to concerns about availability.

The hopes of many providers after the record year were huge – the market would certainly continue to grow at 20+ percent. But the reality can be seen well at mid-year in the DBCI and other market indicators. Hardware vendors are seeing revenue declines in the high single-digit to low double-digit percentage range. 

Integrators report flat sales, while software providers continue to report growth – thanks to SAAS recurring sales. Not all providers are as successful as, for example, Intuiface – who benefit from the long-tail direct business model with high double-digit growth rates.

invidis will record the next DBCI Q3 after the summer break at the beginning of September. Invidis publishes further information on the DBCI and historical data here.

  1. Richard Hicks says:

    Very good article. Would love to see more of the future for digital signage and soon to be video OTT players in the OOH space.

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