Florida Organic Grocer Fills New Store With LCD Ribbon Displays

July 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting application of natively-manufactured LCDs – as opposed to cutting and re-manufacturing 16:9 screens – as ribbon displays in a small-ish organic grocery in Naples, Florida.

The Food and Thought 2 store has a series of single and two-sided displays around the store, from larger-format versions suspended from the ceiling to shelf-edge LCD ribbons. There are also square displays on bulkheads and a pair of two-sided displays at the restroom doors.

The solution was put together using InstoreScreen, which partners with Lenovo on the computing side. Not sure about the CMS but Radix is used for device management.

InstoreScreen also delivered a solution about three years ago for a larger and similar grocer in the area, called Oakes Farms. This is a new concept from the same grocer/owner, and handy for Instore, which has its office a few steps away. So if partners or prospects come to Naples, there is a working showroom pretty much next door.

InstoreScreen CEO Henrik Andersson did a nice little walk-around video of the store.

  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Love the walkthrough by Henrik. Very well done and those ribbons showing product pricing spanning the full aisle are pretty captivating.

  2. Guillermo Grau says:

    Hi Dave, CMS is Admira platflom, managing both dynamic pricing and content from a single integrated solution.

  3. Elmar Quirmbach says:

    In fact, the installation of the bar type displays looks really very good and these should certainly serve the desired purpose.
    Unfortunately, however, the link to the tour video does not work in any of the browsers I use.

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      It is Linkedin, so perhaps it is geo-fenced??? Try VPN set to US or Canada?

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