Watch How Screens Fill A New Florida Grocery In Unique Ways

January 22, 2020 by Dave Haynes

A new grocery store that opened last month in Naples, FL is interesting in a couple of ways – its food offer and its use of digital.

The Seed To Table Market store is owned and was built by a local grower, and the majority of the fresh food is grown, raised and harvested within a short drive of the store.

That would make my spouse very happy, but in the context of digital signage, it’s interesting because of the inventive use of screens. The store is filled with screens, but they’re not done in the well-worn way of groceries and mass merchandise stores – with standard screens suspended from ceilings and positioned in power aisles.

At this store, there’s a LOT of use of narrow, stretched LCDs as shelf headers and shelf-edge strops that do double-duty as promo engines and digital price tags. There are stretch LCDs set in portrait mode and even rarely-seen square LCDs.

The store was guided by Henrik Andersson, who runs the merchandising-focused company Instorescreen, also based in south Florida. The CMS is Real Digital Media. The media players are Lenovo, which is developing a signage practise and bankrolled this useful video. A lot of the screens are Samsung.

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    Thanks for the coverage Dave. The store is amazing… calling it a grocery store sells it short: it is actually a culinary experience as much as a store. The owner recruited the Pastry Chef from the Naples Ritz Carlton to take charge of anything in the store with flour or sugar, and it shows. We are proud to have NEOCAST driving the experience. We had to make everything work as the store was being built without the luxury of test units on these new and dramatic displays! Wait until you see what’s next.

  2. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Kudos on the great content. Not just selling to you, but adding to the environment and the customer’s experience. Love the integration of the square video panels with the wood square elements. Way to go guys!

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