Visual Merchandising Demo Pairs Content Trigger With Projection Mapping At Fixture

April 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting mash-up of a conventional display and small-scale projection mapping for visual merchandising in retail.

It’s a trade show demo done by the UK firm Motion Mapping, which does projections on everything from big building facades to small surfaces in retail and elsewhere.

I THINK that’s an LCD paired with projection, but it could also be projection mapped to a rectangle, making it look like a flat panel display. Also think – given the demo is described as interactive hangers – that there is a chip in the hanger – RFID maybe – that gets read by a sensor when it is placed on the wall display hook.

Whatever the case, I’ve liked the times I’ve seen projects – even menus – that use projection on unexpected surfaces. Like this one, also done by Motion Mapping, at an Ikea in London.

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