London Ikea Uses Fun Projection Mapping To Animate Workspace Section

June 15, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Projection-mapping is not all that common in retail, probably owing to a few factors like lighting conditions, but when the set-up is right, it can be fun and effective – like this Ikea in London, UK.

This is an Ikea in the Wembley district that has been fitted in the workspaces area with some playful projection mapping animations and interactive tabletops. It would be possible because Ikea stores don’t typically have many windows once you get into the labyrinth, and the furnishings areas tend to have subdued lighting that a projection system can cut through.

I like this because it allows the store to integrate messaging right into the furnishings, and have things like an animated store associate pop up and disappear, and messaging that isn’t limited to a fixed digital display.

The work was done by Motion Mapping, an Ipswich, UK firm that specializes in projection-mapping – from large-scale events to this sort of smaller but permanent installation.

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