75-Foot Fine-Pitch LED Media Tower Dominates Seoul Airport Terminal

November 9, 2022 by Dave Haynes

My friends at German language content partner Invidis were evidently in South Korea recently, and noted how metro Seoul’s sprawling international airport has a very impressive 75-foot tall LED media tower in the terminal, fronting what seems to mimic an old palace wall.

“To our surprise, we discovered the ‘Super-Large LED Media Tower’ at Seoul Incheon Airport, which has hardly been reported on outside of Korea. After a long search, we also discovered the reason for the media silence – because the 23 meter high digital lighthouse installed in 2019 comes from the largely unknown Korean LED specialist Samik Electronics,” notes Invidis in a post.

The media tower in the departure hall of Terminal 1 is massive and hard to miss. The content is really remarkable, in addition to the DooH campaigns specially developed for the 22K resolution by Johnnie Walker and the Korean beauty label d’Alba , we really liked the airport’s own CGI content. Rarely have we been so spontaneously impressed by a digital signage installation – not just the image quality, but also the installation quality of the calculated 1.8mm pixel pitch LED.

The LED of the media tower in the Millennium Hall is 23 meters high and 9.9 meters wide, plus an additional 3.6 meters deep on both sides. At the base of the media tower is a stage where cultural performances are presented. For this purpose, the LED media tower can also be divided into several content zones.

We particularly liked the digital art with animated flights from Korea to various world metropolises. But the two DooH campaigns played out during our visit also use the potential of the LED, in terms of technology and creation.

Interestingly, the big curved OLED ceiling display in the terminal has been removed.

Lots of photos here …

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