Projects: Giant Curved OLED Clusters Suspended By LG At Seoul’s Airport

November 21, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a bit of a statement by LG about its commitment to large-format OLED displays – 280 55-inch OLED displays in a couple of curved, suspended video walls in the terminal at Seoul, South Korea’s Incheon International Airport.

LG worked the French design firm Wilmotte & Associés to develop the massive structures – a pair of curved OLED clusters that are 13 metres high and 8 metres across. The displays feature a variety of content to demonstrate the capabilities of OLED technology, such as true blacks (instead of dark grays of LCDs). The OLEDs are light enough that they could be hung from the ceiling with minimal support.

“These OLED displays perfectly complement the advanced technology that our airport has become known for,” said Park Wan-su, president and CEO at Incheon Airport. “We are always eager to showcase to the millions of travelers every year the cutting-edge technology that originates from Korea. OLED is a prime example of that.”

LG and rival Samsung would have endless numbers of executives and lower-level managers walking through that terminal every day. Very impressive, and very expensive, given that they are two of the largest OLED set-ups ever put together. If we guess at a very conservative $5,000 per unit, that’s maybe $1.5 for those two displays.




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