Airport Retailer Starts Wrapping Multi-Brand Vending Machine Banks With DV LED Ribbons

April 1, 2021 by Dave Haynes

If you cast your mind back a year and plus, you may have vague memories of these places called airports, and venues and things in them where you bought stuff, like Gravol or $6 bottles of water.

A company that somewhat specializes in airport retailing – Hudson – has started to fit out non-staffed locations with LED screens to locate the stores, draw attention, and market products.

The company already has non-staffed walk-in stores (like this one in Dallas) topped with an LED ribbon.

Now the company, which has more than 1,000 retail set-ups in airports, commuter hubs, landmarks and tourist destinations across North America, has launched a multi-brand vending machine concept that is surrounded by LED.

“Automated retail provides us with an avenue to recreate the strong sense of place associated with our stores within the confines of a smaller, non-traditional footprint – all while capitalizing on the dwell time, exposure, and convenience the airport environment affords,” says Brian Quinn, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hudson. “For the traveler, this translates to more variety and accessibility to the quality brands they are accustomed to seeing in an environment that enables them to shop on their own schedules.”

The first unit went live last week at Myrtle Beach International Airport, and units will be added at locations like Chicago Midway and San Jose International Airport.

Fashioned with bright illuminating lights and wrapped to replicate the easily-recognizable identity of the brands, the automated retail concept will capture travelers’ attention and excitement instantaneously.

Travelers will find the ADA-compliant machines clustered together in groups of two or more in freestanding locations throughout the concourse or in some instances, built directly into the Hudson storefront for ultimate convenience. Next to the machines, easy-to-use interactive touchscreens sealed with an anti-microbial shield will showcase merchandise images and extensive product information.

In concepts that feature eyewear brands, personalized augmented reality (AR) technology installed directly into the machine’s interface will allow travelers a fully-immersive, virtual try-on experience that enables them to browse and find the perfect pair of frames for the occasion.

Depending on the location, the vending machines have everything from skincare and shaving products to Lego and socks.

Not sure who the LED supplier is, but fairly certain this is ComQi’s CMS software driving the screen.

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