Wraparound DV LED Ribbon Tops New Frictionless Hudson Shop At Love Field In Dallas

March 1, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s more evidence that DV LED is mainstreaming – an LED header ribbon display on a grab’n’go newsstand at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Located post-security near Gate 10, the Hudson Nonstop stand opened up on Feb. 22, offering contactless shopping that uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology (the kind used at Amazon Go stores).

“The opening of our first Hudson Nonstop store is a significant milestone in delivering on Hudson’s vision for accelerated digital innovation in-store and overall digital transformation across the business,” says Brian Quinn, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hudson. “Hudson Nonstop represents a new way of retailing that emulates an end-to-end digital shopping experience which we believe is the future of retail, even after COVID-19 – we look forward to serving travelers in this exciting new store concept for years to come.”

Airports are these places in the Before Times that you’d go to, to get on silver tubes that took you to places other than your local grocery or liquor store.

The Hudson store, if you travel you see Hudson stores in countless airports, is designed for one-way traffic and eliminates checkout-line friction to manage crowd control.

With travelers able to seamlessly enter the Hudson Nonstop store with a swipe of their credit card or using “Tap to Pay,” take the products they’re looking for, and then walk out of the store, the store merchandising layout provides visibility to products needed for every travel journey. Whether leisurely browsing or eager to locate a go-to travel necessity, travelers can find a wide selection of Grab & Go food, beverage, and snacks as well as electronics, personal protective equipment (PPE), and health and beauty products throughout the store.

Not sure on the DV LED manufacturer, but the CMS driving this is ComQi.

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